North West Bay and Margate

A History of North West Bay and Margate, Tasmania 1792 – 2000

A detailed study of this locality south of Hobart includes the first contact with the indigenous people by the French Baudin expedition in North West Bay on 1802, the 1814 land grants to Marines authorised by Lachlan Macquarie, the nearby 1823 convict sawing station, the rock walls mystery, the early ship building industry. In addition, the local schools are examined plus farming and old settlement families are also documented.

The study also contains photographs, plus historic maps, including some unique maps which use a techniques suggested by Peter MacFie and Marie Giblin, where historic maps are overlaid over current satellite image maps.


148 A4 pages, over 30 photographs, plus 22 historic maps & charts, plus footnotes, bibliography and detailed index.


The first printing of this book sold out. It is now available from through ‘print on demand’.

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