Port Arthur

Port Arthur, Point Puer and the Wesleyans

From 1824 the Calvinistic Lt Gov George Arthur attempted to reform the  convict-centred culture, introducing a nine tiered system of graduated reformation. Architect /engineer John Lee Archer over-saw a wide ranging building  program , with churches and schools established  in rural Van Diemen’s Land. Arthur introduced a system of nine police districts to control the  unruly community, which became the  basis for later municipal government. In conjunction with these he established a convict record system to manage his charges – which has become a boon to historians and genealogists.

The  British HO was persuaded by George Arthur that the task work system was abolished; in fact it was alive  and well at pre-Port Arthur sawing stations.

Government Sawing Establishments of Van Diemen’s Land, 1817-1832

In 1830, Port Arthur Penal Settlement established  on Tasman Peninsula replaced the two remote stations- and abolished finally the  task work system – only to see a drop in production.

Religion at Port Arthur

As frontier clergy, the Wesleyans attempted to ameliorate the  violence of the  prison stations. From working class backgrounds like many  of the  prisoners , the  Wesleyans were resented by the  established Anglican church which from 1840 evicted the Wesleyans’ from their “domain” on the Tasmana Peninsula

The Wesleyans at Port Arthur (unpublished)

Creative Port Arthur

Henry Laing, Convict architect

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Port Arthur

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